Silver Spring Panthers

Silver Spring Panthers | June 2014


The girls of the Silver Spring Panthers soccer team wanted a logo to use on their jerseys and to represent their team. I illustrated a fierce panther to make them feel like a professional team, with the strength and power of a panther feeding their excitement as they stepped onto the field.

Kids Day

Discovery Communications | April 2014


Every year for Bring Your Child to Work Day, Discovery goes all out and prepares a day of fun for the children of Discovery employees. This year they introduced the kids to the science of baking and had them create their own cupcakes with the Georgetown Cupcake ladies. The logo blende the two areas together in a playful way. I also developed a series of icons that they could use throughout the event.


MIT Media Lab | April 2014


In their latest endeavor to save the world, the folks over at the MIT Media Lab have developed an online community site, Meddit, where doctors from across the globe submit their tech challenges in hopes that others can help solve them. A select number of submitted problems will be personally assessed by MIT Media Lab employees. The logo captured the idea of medical minds coming together to find a solution to help everyone.

Discovery Digital Networks

Discovery Digital Networks | July 2013


Our team was approached to create the logo for the newly formed Discovery Digital Networks. While we presented various designs, the client ultimately decided to go with a more traditional logo that aligned well with the rest of Discovery’s family of networks.

Discovery Frontiers

Discovery Communications Global Education Partnerships | September 2012


When we were originally approached to design the new DCGEP logo, the name was going to be Discovery Frontiers. This is the logo developed for that name before the client decided to go in a different direction with the rebrand.


Photocache | June 2012


Still in the works, Photocache aims to be a completely immersive and entertaining photo-hunting app game. The logo aimed to capture the heart of the game, which is to recreate photos sent to you by friends, in a clean and easily recognizable design.

Discovery Travel Services

Discovery Communications | May 2012


While working on another project, we realised that Discovery Travel Services didn’t have a logo. We went ahead and developed a unique look for them and sent it their way. They were extremely excited and appreciated the new logo and now use it on all of their marketing materials.

Team Magnus

Graduates at Carnegie Mellon University | March 2012


A team of engineering graduates at Carnegie asked for a logo that they could use on their final project: a robot that uses the Magnus Effect to aim and shoot small balls. The logo was used to represent their robot in a competition and to submit along with their documentation at the end of the project.


Velocity | March 2012


When Overhaulin’ made the move from TLC to Velocity, they realized they would need up update their title treatment to one that better matched the sleek look of Velocity.

Lady King Peggy of Ghana

Lady King Peggy of Ghana | February 2011


King Peggy is the first female king of her tribe in Ghana. She wanted a crest that reflected that she had the patience of a turtle but the ferocity of a lion. The symbol on the back of the turtle’s shell means “Except God, I fear none”.

Old Bridge Chamber Orchestra Logo

Old Bridge Chamber Orchestra | June 2010


Old Bridge Chamber Orchestra, or more casually known as OBCO, is a 100% volunteer run orchestra. While this logo was not selected, I chose to display it here in my portfolio since it is still one of my favorites.

MCS Contracting Inc. Brand

MCS Contracting Inc. | June 2010


MCS is a growing contracting firm that prides knowledge and efficiency in home improvement. They wanted a logo that was eye-catching, unique and reflected their line of work.

Herndon Festival 2010

The Town of Herndon | October 2009


The Town of Herndon held an invitation-only design contest to create the 30th Anniversary logo for the annual Herndon Festival. I was invited to participate and my submission was selected as the winning design. I collaborated with the Herndon Festival Committee to finialize the logo you see to the left.

Cigars and Guitar Logo

Cigars and Guitars | May 2008


Richmond-based, the band CIgars and Guitars prides itself on playing true jazz and blues. All four members are good friends due to their common love of music and cigars. The band wanted a logo that captured both of their passions and their unique sound in their own "label".

International Clinical Excursions

International Clinical Excursions, UVA | Apirl 2008


This student run organization was founded at the University of Virginia in 2008. They travel the world assisting low-budget clinics find unique ways to function at a more modern pace. The group wanted a logo that represented their line of work and professional attitude while still remaining positive and uplifting.